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Jan. 1st, 2015 02:55 pm

dressy 2.0

lovelyxwow: (♔moriarty/sherlock)
[personal profile] lovelyxwow posting in [community profile] pleasantdreamer
 photo preview.png

hello friends! i {finally} have an update for the dressy's. i've been playing these babes for a while and while it took me like 2 months to build a house i was satisfied with i am finally back and posting. so let's jump into the legacy, yes? you may remember that we started with cecile and iris dressy as legacy founders and they had 3 boys, hallow, lupin, and gorDON and hallow was voted heir! <3

aNYWAYS, on to the fun part
 photo Sims2EP92014-09-2801-06-51-08.png
i'm rly sorry you're going to have to suffer thru these house pics bc i was so gosh diddly darn proud of this house i've never made a house this big before and never will again

 photo Sims2EP92014-09-2801-07-07-65.png
anyways, the rly purple bathroom

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-47-02-75.png
foyer area

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-47-25-32.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-47-46-02.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-52-03-86.png
living room

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-49-17-46.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-52-15-48.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-52-28-23.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-52-55-03.png
iris and cecile's room

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-49-31-46.png
hobby/skill room

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-49-59-18.png
pretty hallway nook

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-50-37-51.png
also rly purple bathroom

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-50-57-84.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-53-31-96.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-53-54-71.png
the house has a tower on it and i'm really excited to have a witch sometime in this legacy

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-53-13-25.png
hallow's room

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-54-40-56.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-55-01-89.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-55-10-26.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1213-54-45-14.png
sO BIG ohmygod why

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1214-10-22-52.png
babes <3

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1214-11-07-50.png
cecile: hOLY SHIT

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1214-11-27-05.png

darn werewolf shit
took me forever to fix it so iris looks like her proper self in werewolf form and not some icky ea thing

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1214-13-14-73.png
meet ghostie, the cousin of drew's spooky.

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1214-27-59-86.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-06-47-80.png
installed pooklet's lovely new face templates and ohmygosh the townies are the best

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-42-10-68.png
hallow is so pretty and reminds me of olly alexander just a lil bit??

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-44-26-91.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-53-11-42.png
gorgeous breakdancer npc
breakin hearts more like

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-54-28-84.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1800-56-07-86.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1801-00-40-67.png
ok so its no secret that i haven't played my game in months but i don't think i've failed this badly in years??

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1801-40-04-96.png
also there's ghostie's other half, cheeto

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1801-43-04-56.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1801-52-56-20.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1801-57-57-45.png
ew pls forgive the horrible queue box but i wanted to point out that betwixt pictures i was actually attempting to find a mate for hallow. they were either not interested or he was not but then this pretty gardening lady came along and she had potential maybe

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-05-15-37.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-06-05-75.png
huge beach lots are hell but oh god the view

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-08-53-14.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-11-27-54.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-14-27-93.png
sO pretty but no matches yet :(

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1802-17-44-22.png
i know bb

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1900-33-26-84.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1900-40-49-02.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1900-57-43-78.png
the dressy's live in selene and gosh i love this town and this sky so pretty

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1900-58-26-29.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-01-28-01.png
pretty pretty townies in awkward maxis defaults

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-06-34-22.png
hallow was failing at life and i felt like i was failing him

what has happened to me
 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-09-37-98.png
ok but why are my witches always old with mismatched eyebrows
that is the real question

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-10-38-40.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-13-09-91.png
lupin joined hallow at the park while hallow was trying to pick up random townies and well..

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-17-49-10.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-18-03-19.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-21-04-28.png
iris is a gorgeous werewolf goddess

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-29-42-65.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-30-51-37.png
another missed queue box *weeps in shame*

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-34-16-52.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-38-19-54.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-39-45-72.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-40-15-18.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-42-44-05.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-45-10-16.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1901-51-21-30.png
spoiler alert: hallow found someone

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1902-03-24-22.png
garden lady! aka dakota

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-16-03-06.png
who is v pretty i must say

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-18-21-74.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-19-15-82.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-20-29-28.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-21-04-70.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-29-14-33.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-29-55-19.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-34-21-47.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-38-50-03.png
i'm really quite confused as to how someone from the gardening club doesn't realize when she's getting hypothermia but w/e

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-43-37-70.png
i heart this house

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-1903-44-47-63.png
so much

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-14-15-19.png
dakota being v pretty

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-16-42-63.png
well fuck

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-17-37-96.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-21-11-93.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-27-04-91.png
date night

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-30-23-62.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-30-34-21.png
really guys

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-32-42-84.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-34-25-54.png
gorDON: i'm not staring i just have a stick in my eye

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-34-32-73.png
gorDON: *not stalking*

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-35-08-86.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-35-40-44.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-36-13-94.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-36-21-09.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-36-44-70.png
lupin: *not stalking*

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-38-48-71.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-39-35-68.png
well fuck

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-41-14-52.png
i have never seen the spectral cats of npc witches??

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-44-04-70.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-44-19-28.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-46-24-36.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-46-41-12.png
p r e tty

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-50-12-50.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-51-21-05.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-52-18-16.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-53-03-82.png
babes <3

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-55-01-45.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-56-40-16.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-57-23-66.png


 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2022-58-39-69.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2523-56-35-03.png
very random but selene got a downtown area and i was so excited that my nessie finally showed up the in the sea it looks so cool

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2600-49-16-81.png
dakota: yes let me awkwardly place these roses outside of the house i now live in to declare my love

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2600-50-41-01.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-11-12-75.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-22-24-90.png
cecile: you cannot win at rock paper scissor you sweet summer child

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-36-02-07.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-36-47-54.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-38-53-57.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-39-30-07.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-41-05-33.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-41-28-61.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-41-56-48.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-42-35-93.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-43-18-07.png
fuckin romance sims

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-43-49-78.png
grand npc vamp is so pretty omg

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-53-51-77.png
suddenly ghostie had kittens

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-55-40-87.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-56-10-69.png
once is named winnie and the other is dunn

and no i wasn't trying to name after a well known therapist these things just happen i guess

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2601-58-52-58.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2602-02-14-62.png
aw yes

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2602-03-44-01.png
genie: yes yes what is your wish

iris: mONEY

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2602-04-25-81.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-45-31-54.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-49-28-65.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-50-11-62.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-51-16-64.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-53-35-42.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-55-21-00.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-56-12-62.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-10-2921-56-44-15.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-15-54-99.png

suddenly: wedding time!
 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-17-15-58.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-18-42-49.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-19-18-88.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-21-41-55.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-22-24-58.png
fuckin romance sims

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-24-16-41.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-23-09-80.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-23-44-83.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-26-15-60.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-37-36-70.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-41-36-38.png
cecile: yes what an excellent time to look out the window

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0202-45-08-08.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0421-28-42-34.png
iris: aw yes lets inhale this stale champagne

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-01-28-51.png
hanging with the crew aka at the humans, the grand vampire, and the werewolf nbd

cecile: fuckin weirdos

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-03-37-70.png
im sure the line on her neck means some sort of default is conflicting but to be honest im past the point of caring with this game on some things

but look at how pretty

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-15-41-31.png
i don't always play with my game but when i do i like to play with exploding meshes

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-17-40-01.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-18-41-79.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-20-41-26.png
sexy beach times

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-0422-22-24-36.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1603-06-31-33.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1603-06-52-64.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1603-10-31-83.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1603-10-59-55.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-1603-11-15-36.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2723-51-47-12.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2723-51-57-17.png
what cuties

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2723-56-13-14.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2723-56-29-25.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2723-56-35-52.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-35-37-48.png
this damn mahjong

everyone is so obsessed with it

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-37-31-39.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-38-47-09.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-39-01-04.png
hallow: is this supposed to happen or

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-40-14-98.png
iris: let's fix things!!1!

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-40-44-20.png
iris: nope

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-42-48-58.png
this rly surprises me bc i typically don't notice sim pregnancies but she seems to be pretty big? idk initially the scanner only said 1 so.

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-43-16-67.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-44-04-50.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-44-14-70.png
i love cecile in xmas sweaters with cats outside it's just so sweet

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-46-46-00.png
ok can i just live here for like a year and do this

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-48-14-93.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-51-09-23.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-53-40-82.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-54-34-68.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2800-55-20-28.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-03-35-42.png
cheeto lost his job over something ridiculous i hate chance cards

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-05-26-93.png
baby times!

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-06-20-23.png
cute babe

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-06-34-32.png
forgive the weird default i was still testing at the time

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-06-56-43.png
shock of the day! more than one!!1!

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-07-38-25.png
cutie patootie #1

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-08-18-70.png
they all match i can't even

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-08-47-20.png

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-09-18-87.png
cutie patootie #2

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-09-39-93.png
lmao yes lets do it

 photo Sims2EP92014-11-2801-10-48-22.png
cutie patootie #3!!

at this time i was so confused on which kid was who but there are 2 girls and 1 boy, named davis, york, and williams respectively bc i couldn't think of a name let alone three but favorite bands are there for a reason? i just don't know which is which. but! thanks for reading!!! check out the dressys next time wooooo
Date: 2015-01-02 01:16 am (UTC)

drewsims: (Default)
From: [personal profile] drewsims
omgo ogisdgsdlkf omg i love everythign
Date: 2015-01-02 04:06 am (UTC)

maxisbea: glitterysuicide (Default)
From: [personal profile] maxisbea
hooooooly shit your game is so pretty and shiny and very neon and i love it!
not to mention that house is banging, i could never build like that!!
good luck with triplets, i would die

also i started playing again for the first time in months and i also am failing badly!! maybe something is in the water?
Date: 2015-01-04 05:20 pm (UTC)

maxisbea: gabyinthesky (obaka-chan | totally smiling at you)
From: [personal profile] maxisbea
i feel the same way! i keep running across things i forgot / never used before and it's been a lot of fun. :)

ahhhhhhh bless, it's so nice to see you again too!
Date: 2015-01-02 08:06 am (UTC)

sixtylilies: spiderman taking a bite out of some innocent bystander's arm. (chomp)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies

i laughed so hard i barked and scared my cats

>to be honest im past the point of caring with this game on some things

jesus christ RIGHT this fucking game

everyone is so pretty though
Date: 2015-01-04 04:10 am (UTC)

pooklet: brown recluse spider man happily wedged into a crevice. (ooh a crevice.)
From: [personal profile] pooklet
yesyesyes dressies!!

im glad u like the face templates!!

also that bb default looks rly cute so far :O

goddamn tho the triplets curse i feel u i feel u


i love yr game style it's so colorful and fun ahh i've missed seeing yr pics
Date: 2015-01-09 02:59 am (UTC)

valarmorghulis: (Default)
From: [personal profile] valarmorghulis
omg i havent read all of this yet but i had to comment bc my cat I had growing up was named Ghostie!!
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