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Dec. 14th, 2015 12:34 am

Dressy 5.3

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its Bad

i kno, another update so soon. but im already finished with my gen so the sooner i get everything posted the sooner jessy can play again!!!!
dressy fightclub

berlin is so full of Anger

maybe u should take a nap

it is time for the toddlers to become aware of how awful their family is lmao

this is probably the last time they will ever grow up well

here is near (haha that rhymes)
also i realize for the first time that their necklace clips with their sweater this is terrible

annnnnnnnnnnd fever my favorite lmao
i love how often these skins seem to make it into my families its a Blessing

ur not allowed to have anymore kids

'im gonna kick her ass as soon as shes done kissing my son'

well, berlin is many things but a liar is not one of them

they are so mad

things are going really well for waverly, in case u were wondering
oh also they got a new house lmao

the bubs

why must this happen

what happens that just makes some sims decide to hate each other????

oh fever

well waverly is a teen now so at least there will be a small reprieve from her and fever fightihng

waverly, aka batwings darkbluegreen hair according to shasta

oh my god if u thought ur life was hard before, nyanko, wait until berlin finds out u have been gossiping about her w her wife

'fight me, grandma'

'lmao grandma cant punch for shit'

here we see the elusive fever, painting her feelings

fuck u berlin

'somebodys gotta do it'
literally no one has to do that
'somebodys gotta do it'

she is so cute and good

u thought it was over

he wails

hello naughty di its death time

i was such a bad person this gen everyone was hovering right above aspiration failure the whole time



shes so mad!!!!

birthdays again

i got heart eyes for all the kids this gen
teen near

teen fever

neither of them came to their age ups

'take the mats advice and piss off'

'fight me'

fever spends half of her time in denial

and the rest of her time absolutely loathing waverly

this photo is so uncomfortable

talon is honestly so oblivious

'yay a fight'

this is so inappropriate

can u believe this?!

'[[head tilt]] bitch try me :)'
honestly fever could fuck me up i wouldnt even be that mad
okay thats it for now, one more update and then an heir poll
i endorse fever lmao
also anon on holiday love meme who said my legacy commentary is funny, i love u i always feel like i Try Too Hard but im so glad to kno that someone thinks im funny cause im hilarious irl if i do say so myself lmao
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