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Sep. 12th, 2014 09:03 pm

dressy 1.2

drewsims: (Default)
[personal profile] drewsims posting in [community profile] pleasantdreamer

1.2 is here!!! poor parenting skills ahoy!

and also pops~
this is a shorter update because i realize i dont have a huge amount of pictures to begin with so updates are gonna be a lil shorter so yeah okay

haha bald
all the kids in this gen are pasty pale, way paler than their parents and i blame my (lack of a) geneticizing system
which i dont rly have i just estimate where i think a skin would fall on the scale soooo i goofed up

he's alright

finally fixed my werewolf troubles~

a lil bab!!
this is hallow

lmao did i ever tell u that i have a shortened lifespan mod cause i do


weLCOME to the gUNSHOW

still not over this animation

he needs some soup

iris: i cannot believe this

iris quit her job cause it was just too hard to do with her werewolf-ness and also so she could focus on her tru passion of gardening

are u a vampire now too????
iris: no im just rly cold

hallow: [[throws up on mom]] [[+250 aspiration points]]
little shit

family photo


not bad

i made a desk area for homework~

here he is
he's my secret fav


heir competition

cecile started doing this thing
whenever iris is gardening he comes outside and waters the grass, even tho i have perfect plants mod and they clEARLY dont need watering

like pay attention

and then he mops up the water that he just spilled

and then it makes weeds grow
like im not kidding he does this eVERY TIME she gardens

oh my

anOTHER pasty boy i cannot believe

this is peanut
okay thats it for tonight!!
Date: 2014-09-13 01:42 am (UTC)

sixtylilies: a stick figure of a person with a big smile holding a book and saying, "this shit is crazy!" (Default)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies
i see my sweaters everywhere yes good

fuckin three bolt sims i stg
Date: 2014-09-13 05:59 am (UTC)

lovelyxwow: (♔cats&you)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
omg hallow is so cute he has the eARS YAAAS

also gorDON
Date: 2014-09-13 05:02 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
hallow is so cUTE OH MY GOSH!!!
I really love this legacy house it's all so cute (especially the garden)
WCIF your werewolf default? and Lupin's toddler hair? And Iris'es underwear (the corset)? (sorry for all the WCIF's your game is just so gorgeously curated)
Date: 2014-09-13 07:13 pm (UTC)

From: (Anonymous)
thank you SO much!!! I've been trying to find a werewolf default for AGES and couldn't find ANYTHING I liked!! Now I can play werewolves!!! Yay!!! (I managed to find the hair too c:) And your undies are PRESH. <3<3<3
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