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Mar. 29th, 2015 06:17 pm

dressy 2.3

lovelyxwow: (☂stay the night)
[personal profile] lovelyxwow posting in [community profile] pleasantdreamer
 photo dressy2-3.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-30-34-52.png
we have a jolly start this update with a death

or two or three i mean who keeps count of these things
 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-30-46-13.png
dunn: :O

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-31-37-23.png
im sorry i now crop my pictures to take out the queue vs the process i used to do to avoid the queue but some of these are prob awkwardly cropped at the top and i am sorry

but anyways iris is rly heartbroken over losing ghostie :(

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-32-13-48.png
charli: how dare u

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-33-39-43.png
whoa there child

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-40-31-01.png
davis also became a witch bc why not

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-41-08-22.png
so pretty ahh

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-41-51-10.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-47-22-26.png
ellis is a little shit in my game and i love it

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-54-00-66.png
okay so i accidentally clicked on the wrong spell and the whole game was rumbling and i lost my shit i was like is there a fucking earthquake it was bizarre man

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 00-54-29-27.png
turns out davis just froze time and it was the coolest thing ever i need more witches in my game

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-00-24-58.png
*first kiss goals*

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-02-34-77.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-03-06-37.png
babe <3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-06-06-47.png
davis: and now the student becomes the master
william: what the fuck?

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-08-37-14.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-26-08-56.png
not appropriate

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-28-48-98.png
grim: hello i am back again

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-29-32-73.png
cecile: but why do i have to go so soon? :/

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-29-52-65.png
grim: shussh talk to the hand we have to keep this on schedule

bye cecile :(

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-30-14-01.png
mel: wow i'm so glad i came over today

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-31-19-85.png
davis: wow it's so nice outside today
literally everyone else: D: D: D: ;-;

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-31-36-35.png
mel: i am scarred for life how dare u even

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-31-59-42.png
idk man

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-32-21-25.png
william: well can't let these grilled cheese sandwiches granddad was making go to waste so

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-35-52-59.png
okay wtf game

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-45-47-48.png
grim: so should i start camping out here or

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-46-11-56.png
cheeto :(

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-46-31-41.png
honestly i worry about davis

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-51-46-25.png
meanwhile, a few days later

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-52-05-13.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 01-56-38-61.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 02-08-33-40.png
teen!charli is so cute i was like wow i was not expecting this

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 02-09-09-01.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 02-13-10-29.png
so is abel but idk about this makeover

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 02-14-56-82.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 10-50-35-60.png
this game amazes me with all the interactions i haven't seen yet

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 11-00-30-02.png
with ghostie and cheeto gone i decided to give cats a rest for a little bit

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 12-52-08-07.png
so pretty *____*

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 13-05-04-92.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 13-05-57-36.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 13-09-16-25.png
party time!

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 17-44-33-06.png
york is so pretty and look at dem ears

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 17-57-31-31.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-07-30-98.png
and william :3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-12-44-10.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-17-09-74.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-31-51-43.png
what cuties! they are off to await the sim bin and news of heirdom

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-10-39-37.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-13-14-65.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-13-49-57.png
ghostie and cheeto's first appearances and jfc

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-15-55-02.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-21-36-95.png
iris: ghosts D:
disapproving poster: honey, you've got a big storm coming

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-36-30-43.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-22 18-39-43-01.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-40-18-89.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-40-37-48.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-41-45-48.png
lydia is a little sad that i haven't played her family in a couple years now

me too:/

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-44-01-56.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-50-18-38.png
charli and abel went downtown and ran into ellectra, who is very creepily self-aware

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-51-34-34.png
we also need moar bats in this family

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 14-55-37-18.png
not ur age

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-01-26-45.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-03-24-22.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-18-28-85.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-47-54-28.png
cue the coolest headmaster ever

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-51-42-48.png
charli did such a great job of schmoozing that he didn't even need dinner wow

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-52-25-30.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 15-56-59-18.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-00-58-20.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-04-25-41.png
andre stopped by and idk what he was doing but it sure was cute

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-08-05-00.png
so abel is kina into reid and reid is kinda into abel and it's super cute to watch them

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-11-35-53.png
grim: how dare u this is prada

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-12-05-32.png
reid: wow an actual live death

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-12-35-05.png
jake: what in the hell is this family

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-13-28-42.png
reid: so i saw the grim reaper man! it was totally cool!
jake: i literally cannot

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-13-47-82.png
andre: well this place blows

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-14-06-64.png
andre: but wow just look at-

idk if i have something in my game or what but there are a lot of teen and adult townies hearting each other

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-17-40-71.png
cecile's first appearance is just to cry over iris :(

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-18-31-66.png
cecile in the background: whaddup bitches

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-19-45-76.png
cecile: notice me

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-21-22-33.png
*heart eyes*

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-22-18-95.png
wow thanks cheeto for being a cock block

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-22-41-44.png
or not u know idk

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-22-50-98.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-22-55-60.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-23-22-59.png
i don't think iris would appreciate being resurrected again

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-24-13-87.png
reid: wow a ghost

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-25-45-28.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-33-47-33.png
she literally gets up at 5am to work out wow

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 16-35-30-97.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-25-52-80.png
ocean galaxy <3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-47-00-45.png
dakota had another makeover and i think it looks super good on her

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-50-28-25.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-54-43-23.png
dakota: who put a fucking boot in my pond

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-55-08-67.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-48-22-41.png
charli: *flirt flirt*
jake: gosh ur so pretty *heart eyes emoji*

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-51-38-52.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-52-19-81.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-53-12-87.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-56-41-76.png
so dakota randomly pulled out a bouquet and went to set it down

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-56-50-07.png
and i'm like 'aww look at how cute she is'

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 17-57-18-41.png
until she kept doing this on loop D:

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 19-54-41-07.png
he came over just to listen to her play

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 19-54-48-58.png
what a sweet

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-01-12-36.png
not ur husband

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-04-22-22.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-15-06-62.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-24-04-54.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-26-44-60.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-33-25-59.png
a little ahead of urself arent u??

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-36-58-89.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-41-52-42.png
they bought a hot springs this is the life

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-54-40-15.png
kinda wish one of the kids had fallen for neo but that's okay there's more gen to go

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 20-56-21-65.png
charli is the overachiever in the family

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 21-02-56-00.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 21-05-39-55.png
what a cutie <3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 21-18-52-72.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 21-19-16-37.png
reid and abel are going steady <3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 22-36-18-05.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 22-45-36-61.png
charli and neo didn't hit it off

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 22-54-50-03.png
hallow: when will my life begin

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 23-00-47-77.png
charli: i'm not posing the camera just turned on

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 23-00-58-37.png
what a cute

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 23-22-10-51.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-28 23-50-50-46.png
who r u????? why r u here??

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-10-14-69.png
pretty aging

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-20-51-73.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-32-32-13.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-33-08-86.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-33-38-02.png
charli is the only one who really wanted to go to college but since she's a fortune sim that makes sense

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-34-01-69.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-34-10-49.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-34-21-88.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-35-54-20.png
i know you can't really see it unless you squint but iris' ghost is in werewolf form and i just think this is the coolest thing ever

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-37-17-23.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-40-03-73.png
simbin time!

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-41-42-23.png

this is like those skilling milkshakes from the urbz
 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-44-34-26.png
galaxy ocean interlude~

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-44-46-60.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-44-55-48.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-45-27-26.png
i spend a lot of my game time watching the ocean it's just so pretty ngl

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-47-28-69.png
such old people clothes

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-48-06-54.png
hallow has finally moved up in his career

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 13-57-19-23.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-06-45-33.png
hallow threw an anniversary party for him and dakota, that was his LTW :3

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-42-49-48.png
abel is throwing hints towards being heir

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-45-22-76.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-45-58-70.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-48-47-16.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-50-49-34.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-51-20-64.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-52-11-92.png
they literally stood their belching at either like wtf

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-53-33-06.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-54-17-66.png
so pretty

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-55-10-01.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-56-35-77.png
apparently there is such a thing as a bonfire dance and i had no idea???

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 14-58-41-50.png
partied too hard

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-00-55-76.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-01-10-69.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-07-22-54.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-09-04-34.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-08-47-61.png
woo i can leave this gen happy!

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-10-37-63.png

 photo Sims2EP9 2015-03-29 15-11-59-83.png
and that's it!!! thanks so much for reading, guys!! heir poll will be up sometime soon and then everything will go back over to drew <3
Date: 2015-03-30 01:47 am (UTC)

drewsims: (Default)
From: [personal profile] drewsims
i dont kno who to vote for!!!
Date: 2015-03-30 04:00 am (UTC)

getmygameon: (makoto-thinking)
From: [personal profile] getmygameon
LOLS Talk to the Hand XD Oh grimmy you're wonderful!

Whut?! WTAF is w that 'Phone Harrassment' thingy? .---.;;;;

Damn...all the elders and pets in one fell swoop - QUICK HIDE THE CHILLUNS! \O

Gawd >_<;;; no matter how many times I see it - ghost pets are the scariest shit in the game!!! Nothing else in the game looks as freaky as that - and that's the other reason I don't have pets! I dun want le scary ghosts! *wibbles* :s

You dun need bats! The damned fam's batty enough! 8D *runs off laughing*

the actual fuck w that headmaster's hair?! .---.

Iris would totes kick some ass being disturbed again and haunt you til you came and joined her! Leave the dead be dangit!

LOL! She got crabs! (I'm sorry! XD It MUST be said!)

Well at least Hallow will go to the happy place when its his time ;-;

God! 0.o she could eat an elephant w that mouth of hers!

Yep; I found out about that bonfire dance from using the beer keg >3
Date: 2015-03-31 04:26 am (UTC)

sixtylilies: a stick figure of a person with a big smile holding a book and saying, "this shit is crazy!" (Default)
From: [personal profile] sixtylilies
jesus pet ghosts are so fucking terrifying. why this, EA. human ghosts are not this particular breed of lovecraftian terror from the void

'an actual live death' im cackling

what a ride 8D
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